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La La Land taking me over

Overdue blog post begins.......NOW!

These past two weeks have been wonderful, exciting, and filled with so many new experiences. I had my first audition and landed my first gig the next day! I was on my way to a open modeling call and when I answered the phone It sounded like an apartment phone call and then I hear "...Entertainment Studios..." *Ding* *Ding* "Oh, Hello!" :P

The gig was Court TV, where I played a witness...yeah it's all fake! It was the first time being immersed in it all and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I met some really great people and gained a bit of knowledge about the industry. Whenever you can, ask questions. There are no stupid questions, especially in this industry. Everyone is learning, even the ones that have been here for 10 years.

I have auditioned for a handful of other projects since the Court TV gig and it's been a whirlwind. I was on a couple of sets as an extra, which is a whole other ball game, but I feel like it's important to get involved in anyway I can!

What I've learned over these last two weeks (some things I had to learn the hard way):

  • The industry is ALWAYS changing and you have to be up to speed

  • You can save $20 if you set up your own head shots (white border and name) at: (Learned this one the hard way >,<)

  • Everything is expensive

  • Give yourself PLENTY of time if you need to be somewhere at a certain time (Again, hard way...)

  • Put an extra quarter or two in the parking meter, you never know when you're going to get back

  • Plan to stay three hours later on a shoot

  • Being an extra is all about perfecting the way you sit, cause you sit...a lot :P


  • Having friends in LA makes everything SO much easier

  • Leave people your shoot locations, just to be on the safe side!

"But Katy, tell us about your fun adventures in LA!"

Despite the smog, which is a real thing, LA is great for outdoor adventures. The beach is by far my favorite spot, though I've only been to Oceanside and Venice Beach. Heather and I hiked the Hollywood sign, which was surprisingly difficult in the beginning. Also, the sign isn't as big in real life. Kelly and I drove to the Los Angeles National "Forest" to find swimming holes...yeah, we kind of forgot that California is in a drought...We also got to experience Let's Make a Deal, a Game Show where Wayne Brady basically just throws money at people. It was very surreal to be an audience member for a game show. I danced, clapped and was faking screams near the end because I was losing my voice.

We went to Hollywood Blvd. and it wasn't at all what I remembered as a kid. I have been telling people that it's like they tried to put New York City and Vegas all on one block. It was filthy, crowded and loud. It's funny how when you're a kid you see things so differently. I didn't see the guys trying to sell you their mix-tapes. I didn't see the filth or the tourism. I saw the cart with sun glasses and I liked the white sun glasses because I felt like a movie star. We are so naive when we're young. Alas, I enjoyed myself though, because I was in good company:) Chris and I toured the Chinese Theater, which was pretty cool. Did you know the Oscars began in the Chinese Theater? Did you also know that the man who built it refused to have the premier of Gone With the Wind held at the Chinese Theater? It was because of one of the most iconic lines, "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn." The more you know!

Have a great week folks!


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