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Cat Shit and Actor Struggles

A play on how stressful and frustrating self-taped auditions can be for an actor. Explicit language, sorry mom! Enjoy! :)


Moving 1,000 miles and two states away is a big change, but I'm here. I have made it to Los Angeles, California where dreams come true...right?

I've been in limbo since graduating college, always having LA in the back of my mind. Finally, after saving up enough money and really just jumping into the unknown, I took the big leap. Had I not had some of my best friends down here to greet me with arms open, it would have been much harder.

I'm currently staying with my best friend, Heather, and her husband in Oceanside, California, which is BEAUTIFUL! Spanish Style houses GALORE! (thank you HGTV). Tomorrow marks my first full day in Southern California and I'll probably be glued to my computer researching casting calls and agents.

It's such a different world to jump into. There are so many paths you can take and so much I can't even wrap my head around. Everything an actor has to do in order to be successful is something I sit down daily and think about. You have now witnessed the struggles (hopefully you watched the video already) of self-taped auditions, I hope you enjoyed my little take on one of the many struggles we face as actors! Also, with the help of Heather, I am officially naming my blog "Cat Shit and Actor Struggles" because why not??

I want this blog to capture my experience down here in LA and the obvious struggles I will encounter. I know it's going to be a hard transition and I am going to be faced with challenges, but my hope is that in the end (whenever and whatever that means) I am happy with the choice I made to come down here and explore.

Tomorrow begins a new journey ( I don't know if I can actually leave Heather's house, she lives on a Marine base and I might not be able to get back into the base there's that, but it'll be taken of soon) and I am looking forward to it, the journey that is, I'm sure you got lost in my parentheses :P

I will try and write as often as I can, so if you're interested in following this actor's journey I'd love to have you aboard!


Katy B.

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